Samsung ProXpress C3060ND - multifunktionsskrivare (färg)

Samsung ProXpress C3060ND - multifunktionsskrivare (färg) SL-C3060ND/SEE
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The ProXpress C30 series is optimized for small- and medium-sized company users, especially in business sectors such as professional services and retail, where printing quality, usability and operation costs are prioritized. Using the C30 series, businesses can effectively reduce the TCO for printing products as it provides high-yield toner cartridges that can handle heavy printing volumes. The operation cost can be further reduced thanks to Samsung's Instant Fusing System technology, which provides shorter wait times, faster prints and copies, and helps lower energy consumption. Another key feature of the C30 series is its high-quality graphics. With resolutions of 9,600 x 600 dots per inch and Samsung's Rendering engine for Clean Pages (ReCP) technology, printed, copied and scanned documents and images are optimized, with unnecessary details omitted and unclear elements enhanced.